Sunday, May 31, 2009

The More You Give

The more you give, the more you receive. I gave and this gal came home with me!

In the past The Bitter Spiritualist would give freely, of my time and money. Very generous if I do say so myself. Then I ran into a little hiccup. One of those beautiful lessons I am here to learn. I was suddenly full of fear and riddled with debt. I thought I had nothing of value to give. I stopped giving of myself (and to myself). It snuck up on me one day, probably while in a bout of negative self talk.

I'm still getting to the root of this issue, yet I don't need all the nuts and bolts of it to move out of that scarcity mentality. I am living in abundance. I am worthy. Sure it still rears it's head. Usually around the time my rent or tuition is due. Hey I'm learning here. If I'd perfected this shite I'd be floating. And I like the feel of my feet on the ground, for now.

So in The Bitter Spiritualists ever expanding theory of walking the walk and stretching my comfort zone, I have re-started my giving. Yes I am in a bit of a financial pickle, a blip on the radar, but I can still give. I am giving. Of my time, my energy and my resources. Recently my giving has been in the form of donating to friends doing some feat of strength and/or endurance for a worthy cause. Running a marathon, biking the coast, walking to China, lifting a Yugo over their head. All in the name of fundraising. Or is it fun-raising? (weak I know, forgive me.) And I have been offering my considerable talents to friends.

So this weekend I donated to a worthwhile cause, twenty five bucks towards AIDS research sponsoring a friend running in his first marathon. Sounds crazy to me - Where are my smokes and that bacon sandwich anyway? - but that is how he is choosing to give. And I gave of my time and considerable strength moving a friend out of his home.

As proof of the more you give the more you receive, here's a what I received this weekend. A desk lamp, two table lamps, glasses and other assorted kitchen items, two sets of fancy brand new bedding, pillows, an Aerobed, half a dozen candles, new slippers, house cleaning equipment, a book, Christmas lights aplenty, thousands of songs for my new computer....I know I'm missing a few things. Plus a beautiful original print of a scantily clad sex pot (she's pictured above, ogling me now). The Universe so wanted to reinforce my giving and receiving that this beautiful blond was dropped in my lap by my friends fiance. He was going to keep it, but it was meant to be passed on. Maybe some day I'll get engaged and pass it on to one of the lucky BS bachelors. Sexist pig.

Not bad for my $25 donation to a great cause, and my time and Herculean strength assisting a move. It was easy. I gave joyfully, looking for nothing in return. I believe that is part of the puzzle, give and expect nothing in return. Anything I got back was just icing on the cake (sweet hot icing). I received more than enough from myself, knowing I was helping people I care about.

My friend and fellow Wizard Schooler Johnny is the former non-runner running the marathon. (The Bitter Spiritualist has an unwritten rule to not name names for fear of prosecution, but Johnny said he wanted to hear from The BS, so I took that as his legally binding okay to name drop.) If you, the generous fans of The Bitter Spiritualist, would like to give to said cause, check out his website -

No pressure! If it hits you to give. Give from the heart, not from guilt. (I can promise you you won't be getting my lovely blond if you give, maybe someone else's, but not mine) And if that cause doesn't resonate with you, give somewhere else. Today I am going to give of my brilliant sense of humor; I am going to give a smile to all I connect with; I am giving my love and light to everyone I know, you can do with it what you like; I'm going to give of my heritage and have a few beers as I look out on the beautiful Pacific and give thanks to Mother Earth; And I'll probably give a few folks some good natured harassment (my true gift).

My affirmation this month was "I am worthy of receiving love and abundance" then I tweaked it to "I am receiving love and abundance". I tell ya, this Wizard School shite is working!

So GIVE GIVE GIVE! That's what I am doing. Of my time, talents, energy and money. I'm showing the Universe and myself just how much abundance there is in life.

Thank you so very much all those who have given to The Bitter Spiritualist. You know who you are and I am blessed to have you in my life. You remain nameless to keep your impeccable reputations untarnished by association. The gratitude I feel froths over the side of the pint glass that is The Bitter Spiritualist.

I'm off to stare at the latest confirmation that I'm doing something right in this world.

PS: Be sure you give a heap of all that you have to give to YOURSELF.


  1. Wow. Just read a slew and all's I can say is, yep, wow. Funny, raw, honest, insightful, moving, inspiring, sad, ultimately worthwhile (very, very important that last part). Now if you can lend a narrative to this compelling voice you will realize that three pic deal. But in the meantime this unique voice will remain truly valuable to all of us who have the pleasure of experiencing it (both on the page and in person). Keep up the great work, friend. And let's get together and kill the Stankees next week.

    Big Maldey

  2. you are such a giver. glad you are receiving! your talents, herculean strength and sharp wit continue to make my heart smile. Speaking of giving, forgive me if i need to give you a knuckle sandwich. no reason for it...except to keep in the spirit of giving.

  3. Thanks man - You are so fucking talented. Keep writing. I want to read the sitcom.

    Thanks for supporting the Aids Marathon - your donation is so appreciated. Now fuck off.