Sunday, May 3, 2009

Be Prepared!

Loyally Fans! Fellow Followers!

My pardon for the glitch and the lack of proper postings. You deserve better! Thanks for hanging in there.

I went out Wednesday to do some wishful computer shopping. More of a trip to the Mac store to get a brochure than a computer. Something to hang on my board for the future. Well my friends the future is now. My computer got a wee defensive of my sniffing around. Jealous bitch she can be. She threw a huff, wouldn't work right and then came up lame with a virus. Short of taking her out back and putting two in her brain, I was at a loss. Literally the day I put my intention into action all hell (heaven?) broke lose.

I did spend (waste?) a few days huffing around, kicking and screaming. My neighbor may have even learned a new word or two, and I've already taught him plenty. I'm a world class cusser, not bragging, just a gift from fucking God. I may still punch someone who crosses me, or string up this virus creator. Waterboard his ass. I mean, thank you dickbag for the opportunity to grow and learn. And I hope your fingers fall off, with love of course. I felt like a moron, like I was incompetent. I did a little compassionate self forgiveness (we'll chat more on that at a later date) and felt much better. It was easy once I let go of my myopic poor me view and took charge of my life once again. It's a process, I'm learning.

I'm on the road to a new computer. A FOTBS (Friend of The Bitter Spiritualist) was kind enough to loan me a computer (A Mac, no more PCs for me) so I can get back to work. And I will fix my old lady, she just feels neglected.

So the lesson I've learned is Be Prepared. I had no idea when I set out the intention of getting a new Mac I would be getting it this fast. Through the anger and frustration of getting the virus, I had no acknowledgment that I was getting what I asked for. As I sit here now, typing away on a new computer (new for me!) I do acknowledge the gratitude in my heart. This Universe is pretty fucking cool and I'm happy we can be on the journey together.

Now if you run into that blessed spirit that created the virus, kick him in the nuts from The Bitter Spiritualist. Until tomorrow....

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  1. FOTBS unite ! i can't believe we have an acronym already