Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Day!

I am happy to report The Bitter Spiritualist has made it another year. Happy Birthday To Me. And like any good narcissistic blogger, I thought I'd share some birthday thoughts and wishes.

Every year my beautiful Mom asks me what I want for my birthday. The first thought that enters my mind every time she asks are the wishes of my Dad - No bills and a shoebox filled with twenties. My Dad and I are a lot alike, it's the simple things. I don't believe anyone every got him that, I know I didn't. So I'll take that, for me and my Dad, I will, you hear me Universe?!

I am also wishing for a little more this year. Something only I can give myself. Something a debt free, twenty filled life can't guarantee. I want to be happy. That's it. A short list, yet a complete one. Sure I want a place to truly call home, a three picture deal, peace on earth, Bush and all his cronies indicted, a Snuggie, first class travel, an Ab Roller, new boots, a hooker and an eight ball, to find out who put the fairy sticker on my bumper, a puppy, things everyone wishes for, but to be me and be happy sums it up. I'm not asking too much here.

I am so grateful for all the gifts The Universe has given me over this past year. A brilliant magical school. Amazing, insightful, joyful, wise, hilarious, generous, brilliant, obnoxious, loving, creative, crazy friends. An inspiring supportive family. My health. A sweet new computer, which I am typing away on now. A website. Courage. Strength. A "A day without fairies is like a day without sunshine" bumper sticker. Commitment. Great Boston sports teams, like all my teams are better than your teams great. Manny being Manny. New plants. A fancy writing desk and chair, a new rug, a new lamp. Travel near and far. Beauty, genius, grace and humility. A new water pump and transmission (technically those were my cars' gifts, but I'm still grateful). Love. And heaps more. I am one fucking lucky guy.

Knowing what makes me happy and allowing myself to do those things, that is the best gift I've ever given my self. I am giving myself happiness. It's a process, everything is a mothaf'ing process, so my life is not going to be all rainbows and lollipops. In fact I look forward to drudging up some painful stuff this next year and clearing it out. And I am going to be happy doing it. If my computer shits the bed again, you're damn right I'm going to kick and scream, curse God and my lot in life. And I am going to be so happy doing it. When someone asks me why I'm so angry, and I grit my teeth, and pound the table and tell them why I am so fucking angry, I am going to be happy doing it. Me and Bobby McFerrin baby, don't worry, be happy. This is my year of happiness! Why the fuck not? Life is too short to be moody and mysterious (well that's what I was going for, some may say aloof asshole).

And I want you, The Bitter Spiritualist readers, fans, followers, and faithful fanatics to have a Happy Day. Celebrate you today! Take in a deep breath, let it out. Once more for me, it's my birthday. It feels great to breathe! And look around at all of the wonder in your life. Focus on all you've been blessed with. Call in a little happiness, be present to receive it. It's my fucking birthday, don't ask questions, just do what i tell you.

So if you wondering what you could get The Bitter Spiritualist, the man who has everything, I have the perfect gift idea. Send me some love, a smile, a kind thought, fill yourself with beautiful radiating light (any color will do) and send it my way. Fill yourself with happiness, do a happy dance, and send some my way. I am ready willing and able to receive. Thanks, it fits just right. If that doesn't work for you, just send me that shoebox of twenties.

I'm off to see if that hooker and eight ball arrived yet.


  1. Happy Day Brendan! No shoe box full of 20's from me. Sorry. But so many happy thoughts and prayers and good wishes being sent your way today! I count you as one of the many blessings I have been given! Love, Maryellen

  2. Happy Birthday B....congrats on YOU bee-ing YOU! It's a bee-YOU-ti-ful site to witness. Can I get an "Amen" from the crowd! I wish you all the happiness in the world. I wish you peace and I wish you gentleness as you feel your feelings, as they are everything else. Fleeting. But happiness is a good one to celebrate today with. I love you to the moon and back with honey on top! Buzz Buzz, HoneyBee (and I don't mean Tomica)

  3. I know i'm super late, but happy birthday. i love you so much it makes me sick to my stomach. you make me laugh and cry. you say what i feel, f-bombs included. i love getting to be part of your journey through this blog. see you this weekend.