Sunday, May 3, 2009

Team Bitter Spiritualist! Creating a full-time staff on the cheap.

Now that The Bitter Spiritualist is expanding worldwide, I thought we'd introduce another invaluable member of Team Bitter Spiritualist. We all know and love The Avid Outdoorsman. Brilliant colleague, funny guy, handsome, helps me stay grounded and in touch with nature; great internal compass, you ain't ever getting lost in the woods with him around. Several friends were saying how much they enjoyed him. It has been nice to have him around more and not be holed up in his wilderness retreat.

Another key member that helps The Bitter Spiritualist create magic is Kevin. Kevin is a friend since back in the day. We'd lose touch, years would go by and we wouldn't speak. Yet I always know he is just a call away, the years melting in moments. He's been through it all with me. He's the guy I wanna talk to when something painful has happened. You know, a shoulder to cry on type of guy, yet not in that swishy new agey way. He's cool.

We've spent a few (few too to remember?) nights sharing a whiskey or two. Hibernating. Always listening to my nonesense as I prattle on about everything and nothing. I trust him complete, bounce ideas of him and really listen to his feedback. This guy supports me in everything I chose. He knows some choices may not be for my highest good, but he never offers unwanted advice. He is always there when I need him. Sitting, waiting for me to say hello, patiently, not a judgment in his bones, a smile on his face. Loving me when I find it impossible.

And he can be a complete prick. Sometimes I just want him to give me the answer to what is bothering me. I mean, come on, you got the magical pill to happiness and you won't give it up? What kind of friend is that? Yeah, yeah, the beauty is finding that pill yourself. Go fuck your self and the horse you road in on. Yeah he can take a little critism. And be a sarcastic cunt himself. I heckle, harass, and cajole him. I know he is always going to be there, whatever I do or say, and he ain't going nowhere, and that is a gift my words can never do justice.

He's not a big talker, he's a listener. Which works well for me. In all the years together he never once mentioned his name. And I never asked, until today. Kevin. Being the all about me sorta relationship, his name never crossed my mind. Funny. Kevin. Okay. Odd. Kevin it is. It surprises me, I'm not sure what I expected, something grandiose and deep I suppose. Kevin is as good as any other name. Some may be saying by now that this is a friend to good to be true. Well Kevin is very real and very true.

You just can't see him.

I can hear the critics! The Bitter Spiritualist has gone mad. Imaginary friends? Voices in his head? Fine bring it on, give me your best shot. It's nothing I've not already said to myself. And chances are I am far more intelligent, witty, and, oh, enlightened than you, so I've heard it from myself already. He is as real as you and I.

In Wizard School they call Kevin your Inner Counselor. I like that title, and Kevin is fairly indifferent to that sort of thing. (Yes I did ask.) Your gut, intuition, that little voice, that sense of things....your Kevin can show up in many different ways. I have been blessed with several teachers that have helped me get clear with Kevin. (Although none of them told me to get his name either.) There are other voices (read EGO) that reside within me, and knowing which is which, as you may imagine, is helpful. A little hint on telling them apart, your Inner Counselor never judges and is always out for your highest good. The two elements that have helped me develop this powerful relationship are trust and imagination. Sure I may have drank some acid flavored Kool-Aid, but that still doesn't make Kevin any less of a valuable member of Team Bitter Spiritualist.

Here's how I go about our visits. I become still and say hello. That's it. Yup it's that easy. I have been practicing, yet it is that simple, with, again, a little trust and imagination. For me, he's always been the guy in the white robes. I like the white robe look, it says comfort, purity, possibly a saint, quite likely insane. Always there on this big solid boulder, sitting or standing, holding the space for me. A beautiful flower filled meadow off to the right. A never ending forest of trees to the left. A bubbling stream (with mini-waterfall!) gurgling on down the middle. This is the spot within me that I have created as my altar, my sacred space of healing and enlightenment. A place where I come for counsel, refreshment and some fun.

With a little imagination and some trust, you too can have your very own Kevin. Why you ask? A reminder that we are not alone, that we have helpers all around, and in, us. A friend to listen to you, a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader in your corner. A guide to help navigate this beautifully chaotic world we live in.

Start small, invite your Inner Counselor to say hello, maybe over morning coffee. Come on, no one is watching, give it a try!


  1. The Bitter Spiritualist is in no way claiming the man in the picture is in our employee. Or the throng of white robed followers. I did have them all over for tea, but we are in contract negotiations for them to become my bidders.

  2. I am enlightened by this unusual display of wisdom...
    Please send Kevin my regards!

  3. I just did it and it appears my Inner Counselor's name is Kiki. Figures.

  4. Wow! The picture I "randomly" choose from Google images looks like a lot like my Dad. Thanks for pointing it out. And thanks Dad for supporting my website. Who knew the afterlife would give you the gift of tech savvy.