Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear Universe

Dear Universe:

I hope this letter finds you well. Thank you for your recent wake up calls regarding my schedule for the next year. I do appreciate the earth quaking to get my attention. You couldn't reach me by phone? Was I not listening? My pardon if I did miss a sign or two, I'm working on it.

And thank you for the magical support you have provided over the years. The lessons, the experiences, the life! The Bitter Spiritualist has been blessed. And now I am ready for more blessings, so I thought I'd let you know my plans for the next year.

As you know, I'm in Wizard School. And it is my intention to graduate from there in August of 2010. Now that The Bitter Spiritualist is winding down First Year of Wizard School, Second Year starts to dance in my brain. Hmmmm...How do I want to experience the next year of my life. To use some Wizard School terminology - What is my Living Vision for the next year?

I am fueled with enthusiasm, joy and laughter. Each day brings new wonders, new opportunities to learn, grow and create. My home is a lightening rod of creativity. I'm diving deep into Lake Brendan, loving the school work - the assignments, the readings, the projects, getting together with my project teammates. Words flow from me, sharing them with the world. I am receiving such brilliant awe inspiring support for my comic stylings. And my Second Year project is an amazing journey, a beautiful story unfolding on the page and within me. Wow I am blessed. I am sharing the fun and the heartaches with my amazing friends, old and new. I am healthy, full of piss and vinegar. The love is flowing to and fro within The BS's family. Money is not an issue, I have more than enough. I am debt free. Ka-Ching!!! And traveling South, somewhere South, and back East several times for visits, and some camping with The Avid Outdoorsman and friends, and a bonus trip or two, a magical mystery tour. And I'm so excited be at the World Series to see the Sox win, and the Superbowl rooting the Pats on to victory! Wow! What a ride I am on, way better than anything Six Flags can offer. THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED!

So I am asking you to do your part in all this. I am on my end, a great start anyway - I've worked out the budget for the next twelve months; I've started writing letters for support and assistance; I am writing daily; Utilizing my contacts to find some work; Working my process, alway the motha'effing process; Loving everyday (some more than others).

This letter is the start of a new commitment to me from me. There's a lot more I can and want to be doing, a lot more. I am starting anew today! I look forward to your feedback and support on all this Mam. I know I've missed a few things, yet I wanted to get this in the mail to you. I'll be refreshing my Living Vision from time to time, keeping it lose and fun, letting you use some of your vast creativity.

And please bless The Bitter Spiritualist readers. They're a bit crazy, but you know it's the brilliant loving crazy! Shower them (and me!) with heaps of Love and Light. I look forward to the journey we are on together.

Thank you again Miss Universe for all the support. I look forward to our continued collaboration.

With love in my heart, a song on my lips, and a jig in my step, I remain, your humble colleague,
The Bitter Spiritualist


  1. Thank you Mam! The day I posted this a friend wrote wondering if I would be interested in a " Night writing shift?". Not the ideal scheduling(specificity!), yet I am so very grateful. That was fast. Be prepared for what I ask for! Keep them coming.

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  3. Oh Bitter, your next year sounds perfectly amazing! I love that you are leaving a little room for the Universe to throw some of her creativity into the mix. She has created mountains and oceans, and I'm sure she has lovely options for your next year! keep em coming.
    Sounds like Bitter is getting sweet. Only one "mother effing" in this one. hee hee.

    love you, your humor, your traveling heart. i'm blessed. honeybee

  4. OK, so i am procrastinating today and this is the best way to do it. I am moved to nausea again with your awesome spiritual stylings. I love you BS. I can't wait for the 12 months beginning now to be the gestation period for the screenplay about your brother. a damn fine piece of work it will be. I hate you bitter spiritualist, for your awesomeness and ability to help me squander the day away. But now I really AM going to start my work day with a visit to E3, where the inner adolescent male in all of us can come out to play. XO