Friday, May 29, 2009


I want to howl at the moon! A storm brews inside of me, battering my body, my mind and my soul. No drug can quell this front, it needs to be heard. To be released onto the world.

The wolf snarls. He is angry at something or someone. I choose to not judge my Inner Wolf, just let him howl.

I could let it bubble up in unhealthy ways. In the past this storm would come up and I would try to control it, to bottle up what can not be contained. To store it is to chip away at my soul. I need to yell at the top of my lungs. Scream bloody murder.

I need to growl, yell, rage, shriek, bay, yell at the moon. Like a hurricane unleashing it's power on the coast. Destructive. Beautiful. This storm unleashes it power on me. I rumble from the inside. Kicking and screaming in the silence. The pressure builds.

Howl Savage Beast. Howl. I am taking Mr. Thomas's advice, and not going gently into that good night. Rage Rage. Let the heavens open. Do you hear me up there? Take this pain. Take this storm. This energy can not be harnessed.

I think I'll go for a drive. Turn the radio up loud and scream it out. Tomorrow I will walk in nature. prowl the tracks where the mighty wolf once roamed. Maybe with some of my pack. And howl!

1 comment:

  1. wolf-man...i like the idea of unleashing the wolf in natural settings on foot. great idea!

    in a car--not sure that is the best idea. that might attract some crazy chick driver to cut you off while turning right from the middle lane.

    be safe out there wolf man. and go for a walk.