Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank You God

Well I wrote her a letter and she got back to me in a big way. I knew she could take all I could give her and more. The outpouring of support I received from my post yesterday was beautiful.

To my loyal masses. I thank you for you continued love and support. I may seem like I am going off the deep end, some of you may think I have already dove in, yet I can assure you all that I am fantastic. These wounds that come up are there to be healed. Yes I do revel in them from time to time, use them to beat myself up, but those moments are becoming fewer and fewer. And a little fire is just what I needed yesterday.

Today my heart fills with gratitude to you all. Maybe that's why I wrote my post yesterday, a reminder that I am not alone. And God shows her face everywhere I am.

So thank you. I will keep up the good fight. I'm sure there will be some more aches and pains, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

And to keep with my promise of transparency in our blog experiment, to date the Bitter Spiritualists has made $20.09. Brilliant! It's a start, I know the Universe will provide heaps more. It is truly remarkable, to go from an idea that I pinched and never thought I'd have the courage to share, to now earning money for it. I am supported and loved. And yes the staff here at the BS will all get there fair share.

I may one day write of puppies, but I will remain,

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  1. hey brendan, happy things are brighter in your world today. every life has a few dark and dreary days - it helps us to appreciate all the blessings we have! wow - i see it looks like there are some new sponsors today! fabulous! i have been clicking for you - just doing my part to fill your coffers. love you, maryellen