Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reframing - Thank you DMV

No this is not an April Fools post. The DMV gave me such a beautiful lesson I thought I'd share.

My car has not been registered for quite some time. I couldn't afford the insurance and was lazy. And believe me I've paid for this sin time and again. I have a heap of tickets and fines as receipt of the my failure to properly register my car.

Well it's a whole new me and I have the money and the motivation to get my car street legal. After waiting at the DMV for quite some time my number was finally called. Well the woman helping me (I use helping very generously) tells me I have to call the DMV headquarters to get approval. The same people who told me I was okay to go and get this all fixed. Needless to say I walked out of the DMV registration-less and pissed off.

I mean really pissed off. The guy who pulls in front of me I want to punch in the face. The woman at the post office gets a glare that could melt iron. I am on fire. "Fucking California" "Fucking DMV." "Why does this shit always happen to me!" "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, I fucking hate you all, fuck". I was on fire, shaking with anger, ready to punch anyone, really ready.

Then it came to me, a few tears at first, then a wave of gratitude. Thank you for waking me up DMV lady!

I had really been in a fog, buzzing through my day with little feeling, little focus and no enthusiasm. Boy did she help me get in touch with my emotions and wake me up. I gotta tell ya, from one of those "kill them all" mornings my day became brilliant. I was getting things done, creating, people were reaching out to me for work. I mean I was on fire, not the fires of destruction, the fires of creating.

Issues come and go. They will always be there. It's how I relate to the issues. What I chose to do with what is put in front of me. Sure I could have stayed pissed at the DMV. Hell I was even justified (a little), but do you think they cared if I was mad or not? She forgot about me moments after I left I'd bet.

So next time I someone gives me a smack in the face, I know I will smile. Why did this happen? Why did I bring this into my life? What does The Universe want me to look at? It's a whole lot better than getting my ass arrested for assault.

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