Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eat A Block of Cheese As Big As Your Head

In my aforementioned hike, The Avid Outdoorsman was shown a brilliant lesson in life.

My teacher this time? A chihuahua I believe. Some little rat thing that could have been some little vermin, a weasel, you know, a kick dog. His name was Spike. Oh and how I laughed at the irony of naming a little dog Spike. It's like calling a fat guy Skinny, a tall guy Shorty. Genius I know, Spike?!

So Spike came over to our bench with his parents and some other two legged friends. He was sniffing around our dinner table, but I deemed the food as safe. First of all, I had notice yet didn't really care, we were finished eating. And secondly this little thing couldn't even get to it. Not for a lack of effort, just a lack of height.

I stood there half listening to my friends chat up our visitors. Blah, blah, blah, wine? Spike and his efforts were the real draw for me. Getting himself so close to the cutting board, he could see his prey. A wedge of Gouda, waiting for the taking. Sure enough he lunged for it, grabbed it and was off. The block of cheese was bigger than his head. Knowing a wee bit about cheese and all it has to offer, I thought, hmmmmm, maybe that's a little too much cheese for him. I cornered the little fella and went for the cheese. My momma didn't raise no morons, so when he nipped at my fingers I was done. Have the cheese buddy! And eat he did, he had half of it down by the time his Dad could get a hold of him and the cheese.

What a lesson from Spike. Go for what I want. Sure some things seem WAY too big, but you never know how much you can handle until you grab hold. Did Spike judge that it was too much cheese for such a little dog? No I say, he grabbed that wedge and was off. Pure enjoyment! Did he wonder what that cheese would do to his innards? Nope, just started powering it down.

I need to go for what I want! Grab the whole wheel of cheese. And I'm lactose intolerant! Fuck it, just do it. Yes a cliche that's sold millions of sneakers, but so true for me. I've spent a lifetime thinking things through to the end. And if I think something enough, I don't even have to do it.

So I'm off to grab some cheese.

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