Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Beauty of the Box

No not that Box, get your mind out of the gutter. Okay maybe it was just my mind in the gutter.

I'm talking about the box I put beside every item on my To Do list for the day. For years I had been a crosser outer. Each task was something arduous, something that I had to complete so I could cross it off my list. Whew another thing I don't have to do anymore. And my lists had a lot of things not crossed off. Just writing the list was a momentous task.

Then one day my friend Lis gave me a gift. The gift of checking off things. CHECK! A job well done. A task complete. A gold star for myself from myself. And funny, my lists became easier to write. AND the items on my list became accomplishments, things started getting checked left and right. Wow, I am actually becoming a productive member of society! Who knew that could be possible.

I stare down at my list for today. Twelve items. That's a lot for me, I usually like to make it as small as possible. Not out of laziness (well not totally), but out of a not wanting to let myself down. In the past I broke a great deal of the commitments I made to myself. Not anymore baby. So twelve items and once I post this I will have eight checkmarks. That's a job well done and it's still the afternoon!

And I get to look at days past, observing what has worked and what hasn't been as successful. No more lines through my writing, it's all gold. Sure some of it ain't 14 karat, but it still has a shine. And I like me some shiny things.

So I am going to send this out into the tubes and make another checkmark.

Job Well Done!


  1. you are on a roll wise one. keep making your lists and checking those items off...with great big stars and hearts (and be sure to use a sparkly pen) it's the little things that can make the lists more fun...

  2. I am so happy i stumbled across this. I am enjoying reading some of your writings.

  3. I will never cross anything out again! Well written!!!