Friday, January 8, 2010

My Loyal Masses -

I'm not sure if any of you care, I'm not sure who you are. And I like that. Perhaps this is a report to me from me. It streamlines the meetings anyway. Only the arguments of the idiots to slow me down.

Can't believe the energy I'm waking with each morning with these new choices. Yes I am only on day five, but what a difference five days makes. I'm a little nervous about this weekend - A little smoke won't kill you - Ah that's the voice that worries me. Because he's right, it won't kill me, but it will kill my Spirit. That's what I am nurturing right now, my spirit, my zest for life. Things I've tried to dampen in the past. No more.

Tis a grand morning. Lots of scenery here at my away game writing spot. Now that I'm working on new writing projects, I'm not sure what to do with my blog. I'm not too worried, again this could be just a letter to me. Okay I know there's a few of you out there who read this from time to time. Hello there!

I met with a writing coach, my writing coach, last night. First time for everything. My project(s) have come in to such clarity. Loving discipline! That's it, that's all it's going to take to give myself the life I want to live. I am giving it to myself. Sure I've got a mountain of debt; I'm an addict; I'm in love with a woman who drives me crazy and at last check wants to be my buddy; But I am loving life today, in this moment. I just looked up and the fellow on the table in front of me has a book titled "The Magic of Believing". I believe brother, I believe.

I mean come on, what's not to be filled with gratitude for? A little bee just zoomed by me, I've got The Pogues filling my ears, a little dance in my step, it's sunny and 70. I have a great life and it's only getting better.

Has Bitter Spiritualist turned into one of these annoying blogs? Or was I already? Hey I'm not smoking and off the dope, so give me a break. I have some extra energy. Instead of putting it toward editing and discerning what is appropriate for my bitter baby, I'm just putting it out there. At least I'm not bitching about how bad my life is - or would that be more palatable than how grand my life is? Hmmmmmm.......I find the grand life guy more annoying.

Okay I'm off to do some work.

Love, Light and Laughs

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