Thursday, January 14, 2010

Greetings People -

Been busy here at the home office. Actually was working an away game - away for me anyway, I did get out of the house. And I don't get out much. Making Hollywood magic.

Just checking my email and fucking off, so I thought I'd chirp in with a quick progress report. I continue to find myself annoying, yet exceedingly likable. And I did have two cigarettes this week. Gasp. Just needed to put that on the record as I intend to operatewith micro-honesty and integrity. Yeah you, my lucky readers, are like my support group. Yes lucky you.

My intention is smoke and drug free, and if I stumble I'll keep you posted, even a smoke or two. This way, if I go on a four day crack binge I will report it. I am crack free! I mean I was prior to the new year, but I figured I'd celebrate victories for battles not fought. Why not make shit easier.

Okay. Battery dying. Sun blinding my vision. Homeless folk lovingly pestering me - not for a cigarette anymore! - it's time to get some work done.

Wizard School this weekend. Maybe we get our brooms this weekend.

Love, Light and Laughs,

1 comment:

  1. AWesome job, Brendan! Keep it up. I understand it's the hardest thing to quit smoking. Glad you are crack free, too:)

    Let me know if you want to know all about jumping for joy