Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Weekly Report

Hello Loyal Fans

First my pardon for not posting. I've been wallowing and writing, now I am just writing. Okay an occasional wallow, yet not so much anymore. I went back to some old prisons I created when I hurt a bit, now I am back out. Free on bail!

I promise I will post brilliance this week. That's for true. Maybe even about Prisons (Woooo A Teaser!) I am adjusting to life without internet in my house.Our friends over at www.souldiving.org brought this idea to BS back in July, it really stuck with us and now we've made it happen. Such a weight off my shoulders, a relief. I realized I was using it to avoid myself. The Red Sox are my team, but they weren't subsidizing my lifestyle so I could read about them for hours a day. I knew I had to stop abusing this wonderful tool, and so it moved across the street. Thank God! Now if I want to check out the box score, my email, what madcap adventures are going on in Facebook world, I have to physically leave my apartment, walk out to my front stairs and log on. It's brilliant! I can't recommend it enough if you find yourself staring at a screen with a bit of drool running down your chin. And "using" internet porn on the front steps is apparently a violation of some arcane Santa Monica law.

So the Abundance and Wealth Numbers. On a Tuesday, as promised, if I missed the promised Monday!

Last Seven Days -- 83 Page Impressions -- 4 Clicks -- $1.63
All Time -- 1269 Page Impressions -- 128 Clicks -- $56.15

Thank you all for your support. Fuck I did no work on the blog since last Monday and made $1.63. Not too shabby if you ask me.

I am off to cook some chorizo and eggs! Mmmmmmmmmm.....

Love, Light and Tubed Meats,

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