Friday, August 7, 2009


Greetings Loyal Followers!

We here at Bitter Spiritualist would like to thank you for your amazing support. The Love helps me keep our beautiful bitterness flowing like sickening sweet syrup. A globby gooey mess of Love. I need to wash my hands, the keyboard feels like a candied apple of Love.

The site is in transition, constantly I hope, for it is a living breathing beast that we are co-creating. The design has changed a bit, and by that I mean we added some pretty colors. The beast she shed some old skin, reborn. Like the phoenix, and will burn and be reborn again and again and again............ Yes I am a pyro.

The BS board met last night, discussing new policies and procedures. It was a meeting filled with Love and occasional gunfire. After the dust cleared and the holes were patched the following items were ratified.

1.) The weekly earnings of BS will be announced on Mondays. Included will be the tally for the previous week, and our earnings to date. We felt that it was something to look forward to at the beginning of the work week. Your support, the simple clicking on one of our advertisers dramatically increases our wealth. Seriously it does, right now that is the only revenue stream, directly clicking on the ads. We have to get a web expert on our staff to go over the numbers, what they mean and see how we can increase our abundance. Right now the team is winging it. Why not make it a game, see how high we can get that number. Tell your friends, fuck with your enemies. We here are doing our part, and by our part I mean getting the word out on the street and badgering folks. We can not click on the ads ourselves, we signed a pledge with Google that we wouldn't artificially fill our coffers. And we like to operate with integrity, most of the time. As for the ad content that is up to Google, I know not a great deal of you need tarot cards or wealth manifestation CDs or spiritual transformation pills, but each click is for the children, think of the children.

2.) We have made an addendum to the no names policy. If you are deceased the BS board feels it is okay (legal) to associate you with our site. To the living, please stay that way and know that your stories may make it on to our site, but never your name. Unless you okay it or you really really get under my skin. So watch yourself.

3.) After hundreds of requests from the general public, we investigated how to become an official follower of Bitter Spiritualist. It seems the good people at Google want you to be on their team before you can be on our team. Signing up for a Google account appears to be the only way. It's relatively easy and it is a tremendous way to stroke our ego. So it's a win win.

4.) We promise to infuse more controversy into this site. This whole bliss thing is a great way to live, it really is, but boy am I getting sick of that saccharin goodness on the site. We need some bite baby. If you want pure beautiful love we have blogs we follow where you can get that. We are bringing back the tang, taste it mothafuckas.

5.) We can now be followed on Twitter. The BS is liking Twitter, micro-blogging is immediate gratification. Sure it could be a fad, like blogging, seat belts, computers, Candlepin bowling, and soft serve ice cream, but we like a fad. So if you like, follow us at

Thanks for reading. Without you I would just be writing to me and the staff. Your insights are always welcome here at BS, either emailing directly or through the comments section. We really do love it. And if you find and read our words through facebook, thank you, then click directly onto our site and make comments. Facebook is doing just fine without us, we'd love for you to visit us and comment directly, cutting out the middle man. Or you can show up at our office door, bring a snack, I like cake over pie, brownies over cake.

Have a fantastic magical weekend. Mine is going to be filled with appreciation and gratitude. I may not be getting everything I want, yet I am living such an amazing life. The dance continues. Thank you!

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