Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Greetings from the asylum. No not that kind of committed, today starts the next chapter in Bitter Spiritualist. Today I begin my journey of becoming a professional writer. I am a warrior poet spinning yarns and sharing a laugh. You are part of my Wizard School project! I am committing to writing a minimum of two posts each week. I have other writing projects I will be working on, but I will no longer neglect you, my loyal fans.

And there's a new wrinkle here at the home office. We are starting a new partnership. Each and every Tuesday, like this one, my post topic will not only be explored with my genius and wit, but it will get an ooey gooey Pollyanna treatment from Honeybee on her site, souldiving.org. Tuesday's with the B's (Okay we need a better title). Two perspectives on the same subject, two journeys with distinctly different styles. A duet with different lyrics sung from different rooms. It could sound beautiful, it could be nails on the chalkboard. I don't know what it's going to be, where it is going to take us, but I know I am supposed to do it.

Honeybee and I have had quite a history together, and we will have some kind of future together. And it starts here. Some of you know my story of our history and may be surprised by this partnership. Fuck I am, I assumed the next time we worked together would involve a shovel and some duct tape, and that she wouldn't be much help at the task. I am trusting Spirit on this one and seeing what happens, see where this project and where I go. It's one part of the adventure and I am excited about it. I do know that I love her. And I love you. And I love to write.

We will be working independent of each other and seeing what comes up. I must admit that today i did read her first post before I wrote this one, and it's a great lesson on not doing that ever again. I can feel myself editing content in my head, fitting my content to match hers, and that's no fun.

It's a partnership, not a competition, but please be warned. If you want laughs, lessons, heartfelt sharing of a brilliant journey, know that I will be with you on this new path. If you like rainbows, lollipops and rose colored glasses, you'll love Honeybee and her brand of saccharin spirituality. I mean come on, her name is Honeybee - that's her name, not one I created. She's showed up in a few of my posts as The Lawyer, but I will call her Honeybee here as I call her something else in the world. And it doesn't rhymes with itch.

I am filled with gratitude to you my audience for your support. While on hiatus I received so many words of support and encouragement. Words I had trouble really taking in, I was feeling like a fraud. I still do a bit, but now at least I'm a working fraud.

I'll be back later in the week and then Transformation Tuesdays get rolling next week with our first topic, Synchronicity. Synchronicity is what got me to agree to work with those hippies over at souldiving.org and I will write about it for next week.

Love, Light and Laughs

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  1. happy to see you back writing! this should be interesting...