Monday, September 20, 2010

Sock Pulled Up

A freight train bearing down the tracks. No hope of control. The brakes burnt out on the last turn, attempts to slow down. Chug, chug. She's moving out of control. Wondering when and where the abrupt stop will come.

Three days of television have rotted my brain and I love it. Now I know why I don't have television in my home. Boy I'd never leave the couch. Wiping drool from my chin, getting up to shovel more food into my leaking mouth, then back to the couch for more, hmmm, entertainment. Okay some of it's been entertainment, most has been numbing. Drugs???? Man this is the worst drug I can think of using. Okay a speedball and a bottle of whiskey may do more harm to the body, but definitely not more harm to the brain.

Sleeping late and going to bed early. Not exactly what I had in mind when I headed out to the desert.

At least now my shoes are tied and my socks are pulled up. Travel takes some planning and takes some actions before I head out. And we all know how important proper footwear is.

Is God still on my side? Is he still in Love with me? Even when I hate him, even when I question his intentions? Is that the ultimate showing of Love? To love someone who doesn't love you? Then I've lived (loved?) that life, and deserve my reward. For I have loved and not been loved back. Just like God.

No I've not lost my mind. Fuck if I care if I did or not. I just don't want the phone ringing, wondering if I have.

Rambling on.......

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