Tuesday, January 13, 2009

They Call Me Mr. Bitterness

I am The Bitter Spiritualist.

I started this blog just to write about myself and the world I live in. I was doing this writing to someone specifically, but that correspondence ended and I needed an avenue to get the words out of my head and onto the page.

So if you choose to follow this blog think of it as an angry love letter to you. This blog is my thoughts, my words and feelings, if it's interesting or thought provoking, fantastic. If it's not, fantastic. I am writing it with little attachment to the finished product, or to an outcome. Now that doesn't mean I am not taking it seriously, putting my heart and soul into it, it just means it's out there, do with it as you wish.

It is my intention to make it flashy at some point. You know, bells, whistles, videos of hot chicks cooking bacon. But for now, swine free, just my rumblings and ramblings.

I thought I would start my blog with the reasoning behind the name of my blog, The Bitter Spiritualist.

It sounds contradictory and it is. How can I be Bitter and Spiritual? Well I am a conflicted fellow, much like the rest of the world, being pulled this way and that. I am a spiritual being, but I also want to beat down the woman in front of me at the supermarket who uses coupons and writes a check.

In my lessons, I've learned that to truly be free, I must give up the ideas of right doing and wrong doing. Hence the bitterness.

I mean, come on, the cunt who just cut me off on my way home, no directionals, no care for anyone else, and I'm supposed to be okay with that? Yup. It's not that simple, and it is that simple. To truly be free, I must stop being the victim. Stop giving my mojo away to everyone I meet. To the blaming. I have the power to create my own life, and the responsibility to own everything that happens in my life. So hell yeah I am bitter. It was so much easier (and far less fulfilling) to go through the day blaming everyone else for my unhappiness. Blindly trodding through the day judging myself and those around me as right or wrong and reacting.

A little bit on right and wrong. You can fill in any word you want there and it will work. Good and bad? Sure. Kinky and vanilla. Sure. Coothed and uncoothed. Sure! What I am trying to convey is that giving up my standards, accepting that we are all Divine beings having a human experience, is where true freedom is. No it doesn't mean that my thoughts don't matter, or that I have to agree with everyone. It means that my pond doesn't have to ripple when someone is in disagreement with me, or vice versa. You can disagree without be disagreeable.

Spirituality comes in all sizes and shapes. I find most of the stuff on the web regarding Spirituality to be surgary and sweet. All puppies and rainbows. Well I do love a puppy, okay and a rainbow, but I'm not here to blow love up your ass. I am here to be real, as real as I can be in that moment. And that boys and girls, is Spirituality to me. The authentic self, that part of us that is bigger than us. The part of us that doesn't operate from the ego. The part that just is.

So I am The Bitter Spiritualist. Spreading my own brand of love and sarcasm to any who will listen. This idea, this blog has no road map, no direction. Just an intention to share myself with you. So as I press publish and step off into the great unknown, I thank you for taking the time to read this first post.

Love, light and a chilly Budweiser!

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