Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Promise

I promise that this blog will be honest to where I am at that moment.

I promise that I will not keep the good or the bad out. This is an experiment after all, and we can't be fucking with the data.

I promise that I will not become some sickening sweet syrupy new age talker. I may be diving in to the love, but that's no excuse for being obnoxious.

I promise that I am going to do the work!!!! So I won't be letting you or me down. I am going to give breath back to my life and lets see what happens.

I promise I will fall from time to time, but will always get back up, dust myself off and get back to it.

I promise it will be fun! Miserable at times for sure, but always fun.

I promise to take all the tools out of the box, use and share them with you.

I promise there will be more promises at a later date.

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