Monday, September 21, 2009

The Final Monday Abundance Check In!!

Hello Faithful Followers

Today we begin a new chapter in the ever evolving Bitter Spiritualist history.

I've not been writing to you as much as I wanted to. The reason? Who cares really, I know that I want to and I am now. Today I will write of my latest adventures and post it very soon. Mostly I am going to nurse my aches, my beautiful aches, from said adventure.

I am filled with abundance, it is everywhere. I am the wealthiest man I know (and the funniest, sexiest, and humblest). So our revenue totals for the past week -

Last Seven Days - $0
All Time - $0

The great amazing wonderful people at Google gave me a wake up call last week, and I thank them for it. My ego started to get caught up in making money from our little experiment. I had put a pretty bow on it, making it about sharing the abundance of the Universe, about transparent business practices, blah, blah, blah.... Ultimately I started this site to write, to write and love sharing it with people. And along the way I made it about clicking on an advertisement. Click and Validate!!! Click here and it is proof that I can get paid for what I love to do!! Click here to stroke my massive ego!!!!!!

I don't need that, we don't need that. Apparently Google wasn't too keen on something we were doing, they took away the monetization aspect of my blog for now. Irregular clicking was the culprit. They really didn't give me much else to go on, yet I am guessing a few of my fervent followers may have clicked on things with some loving regularity and Google thought it was a scam.

I've written to Google as part of their appeals process, claiming ignorance as my defense. The only thing I was sure about was that I was never allowed to click on my own ads, which I never did. I was unaware that my asking you to click, even if you weren't interested in Physic Tarot Flavored Magic Abundance Pills, was also a violation of their policies. Makes sense, their advertisers are paying to advertise, not to get clicked on because I've asked you to do so.

I would love to be reinstated with Google, yet it matters not for my purposes. I am here to write and share, not to pester you. So write I shall.

I want to thank you all for you amazing unwavering support. I am filled with gratitude. I love you guys! I am rich beyond my wildest beliefs and need no ad count to tell me that.

Love, Light and Laughs

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  1. well did you at least get the $100.00???