Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bitter Spiritualist has gone Bitter Capitalist

Hello Loyal Masses -

As you may have noticed there's been a few changes to my meanderings. As I've already posted we have taken the The out of our title. It makes for easier listening and more comic stylings.

The second change is in our ever expanding acquisition of wealth without actually getting a real job, we have monetized our website. I signed up months ago to make the change and hemmed and hawed as to whether we should or shouldn't go corporate. Well the coffers are light and the staff was bitching about another week gone by and no paycheck, so we pulled the trigger.

It is my understanding that the more times people click on ads on our site the more opportunity we have to get a few duckets for my words. And we are professionals here, and a professional is someone who gets paid for what they do. We have been called up to The Show and are in the big leagues now.

Am I being a shill? Selling out? Quite possibly, that is what the aforementioned hemming and hawing was about. Yet I am putting in a little time to this blog, making attempts to entertain and inform. Fuck, why not get paid for it? People do far less and get paid far more.

In my ever expanding empire I want you to be a partner in this experiment. No not an equal shareholder, hell I do most of the work so I am going to reap the cash benefits. But I will be letting you know how much we are making. I like the idea of transparency in business.

To date - by which I mean today - we have received (after some advanced algorithms and such) exactly zero dollars. So if you are feeling so inclined, click on to one of our sponsors and it will be registered with the good people at Google.

So click once, click twice, click and win. As always, no pressure, but remember it's for the children. Remember the children.

With pockets full of change, and a song in my heart, I remain, full of it.

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