Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

Rome wasn’t built in a day. These words kept running through my wee brain. I was spending far too much time berating myself with some negative self talk. I've given that voice an outlet, just not here with you. Who needs to read that? Not me. We are on the journey of a lifetime, so, as always, my words to you are words to me.

And I am committing to this site, to this work, to me and to you. That was a good part of the internal dialogue, so to quell that voice even further, I am putting my commitment here. I'd taken a bit of a vacation from writing to you.

So relax, enjoy, do something that makes you happy. Every word I type may seem like advice, I assure it is not. This is an experiment for the both of us. Let’s see what works. What doesn’t. And most importantly let’s have some fun with it.

Let’s remember this about making you happy, you are not responsible for anyone else. Just you. Trust me, this is going to be more than enough. But with this comes responsibility, yup, now you know why they call me BITTER.

I’ve got things I want to accomplish. Places to go. People to meet. You know the story, mine is not new. Hopefully you can relate. I’d imagine you can if you are reading this. Or you think I’m a fraud, and you want to chronicle my demise. Either way I’m honored that you’ve chosen to spend some time with me.

I am a seeker. And like any good seeker, I am in search of something. Happiness. Sounds simple enough, yet I’ve been looking in a lot of the wrong place. The usual suspects, sex, drugs and rock & roll, okay, the rock & roll is a stretch, hmmmmm, film and new media just doesn’t have the same ring. Rock & Roll it is.

And I am shocked to report that I didn’t find happiness in any of those places. I have some great stories and even better friends. And still no ease, no peace and no happiness. I looked everywhere, well I thought, I had looked everywhere. Then someone told me where to find what I seeked.


And together we journey inside. I'm here to share my journey, offer some tools, listen to your thoughts, and show up and write. So take 2, here we go.............

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