Monday, March 30, 2009

I can Suck just as much as that Guy

So you have a dream. I have a dream. That guy in your dream job, he had a dream. What seperates him from us?

That's a great question. Of course I think it's a great question, I asked it. Well the answer that comes to me is tenacity. Something until now I lacked. The ability to just do it. Fuck it! I sit and ponder what is "right", what are people going to think, I'm not good enough. BLAH FUCKING BLAH. All fantastic excuses to not do it. I mean am I that much dumber than the fellow with the big house and the big car. Possibly yes. But all of them? Come on. Something seperates me from the achievers. Tenacity is what keeps coming up.....Dedication, commitment, blind ignorance.

So yes I can suck just as much as that guy. Why shouldn't I have what I want? I don't blame anyone, not even me. In the past, sure I was great at blaming, others and myself. Not anymore. So I am going to start posting. Shitty or not. And I am already judging this post as way below fucking average. And average is not my goal. But I am going to post this and post others.

No one may ever read these and I am holding back because of what others may say. Now that's stupid. Illogical.

So fuck it. Let's get the ball rolling. Just do it. Yeah I ripped that off from some shoe company. Sue me.

Just writing today gives me a charge. Clears my brain. Primes the pump. No it ain't Shakespeare, no it isn't even 7th grade homework level, but it's mine and I put it out there.

Sucking badly and loving it!

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